Cupcake It Out!!

Cupcake It Out!!

Hai guys. Guess who’s got an entire afternoon for herself FOR ONCE?? This girl! I hope you guys are having a wonderful day. If you’re stressed, always remember there’s a solution to the problem. ILY<3


Hey guys! I’M BACK!! ❤

..AAnd going on a date. Tonight. At 6.


Seriously..this is the first real date I’ve ever been on. I’m going to dinner with a guy I really like and I’m so so so nervous I could die and I don’t know what to talk about or how to act and I’m nervous I’ll make a fool of myself and now I’m just rambling.!!!!

Omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg. I can hardly type as fast as I’m talking. It’s just such an awesome, scary moment.


  1. I’ll forget how to use social skills and just sit there.
  2. I’ll create unnecessary awkward silences.
  3. I’ll say something stupid.
  4. I’ll not know WHAT to say.
  5. I’ll mess up everything.

We’re going out to eat delicious sushi, which I am quite excited for.



Wish me luck? I missed you guys!


My Favorite Nude Lipstick on Planet Earth

Hey guys, I’d like to show you something very special…

Out of all my lipsticks, creams and shimmers, glosses, pencils and other miscellaneous lip products, this is my favorite nude out of them all. She’s stuck by me for a loooong time.

This is maybe my most favorite lipstick EVER.

I’d like to introduce you to Smashbox’s “Be Legendary” Lipstick in “Chai”. Gaahd, I love her so.

It’s a creamy, warm, peachy-toned nude that’s PERFECT. It’s not too light, or too pink, or too fleshy-toned. It’s sort of a yellow-toned, brown-peachy chocolate color. It’s not as dead-looking as the swatches on the Smashbox website.

This is my actual tube:


As you can tell, it’s a bit worn down. I used to wear this color every day and night, because it’s the kind of nude that can look dramatic or subtle. It’s glossy, it’s creamy, it’s LUXURIOUS. If you have cool under tones, or prefer beige or pinky nude lipsticks, this wouldn’t work for you.


On my hand it looks a lot like milk chocolate, but on my skin it looks way different. It looks a bit rosier. Not as brown. To me, instead of “Chai”, the name “Chocolate Peach” is a lot more fitting. Or maybe “Coco Peach”. IDK. Something chocolate and peachy. It sounds delicious anyway :}

I purchase this at Sephora. But you can also purchase them here! Go Smashbox!!!!

Anyway…peace out guys! What’s your favorite nude lipstick? You can leave your faves in the comments!