What’s Next??

Hayyy y’all.

Just popping in before bed to check in..I have a looong day tomorrow.

I’ve been a bit busy lately, but I have some exciting posts on the way, so no worries. ;}

If you’re wondering WHAT’S NEXT…

there will be:

  • A bunch of reviews on some new makeup
  • Giveaway winner results! (If you haven’t entered yet, click here!) The giveaway is closed at the end of the month.
  • A new “How-To”
  • A skincare DIY
  • Aaand to top it all off, some random favorites!

Thank you SO much for being patient and lovely and amazing. I’ll be back as soon as I can.

I end this with a picture of a panda chibi.


With extreme, tremendous, great, great love and kisses and rainbows,



Thank You!!!

Omg. You beautiful person reading this. Yes, YOU there! You gorgeous human-being, you.

This is just a short, uselessly sentimental post for all my followers who have been sticking with me. You guys have no idea how much I appreciate you guys. Thank you for your feedback, suggestions, and likes. I just love you guys so much! You’re all like best friends I’ve never had.

And I know this is pretty mushy-gushy, but I just wanted to put it out there.

After having 39 followers, it’s about time I’ve made one of these! And even if you’re new here, thank you anyways for even READING this. You’re awesome too. *high-fives*

Aaaaand just to show my appreciation, here’s a picture of a unicorn.


I just……thanks guys. You make my day.