Short Update (PLEASE READ!)

Hai my beautiful people!

Look, I’ll keep this brief. A really close friend of mine recently passed away and I’m having a super-tough time right now. I apologize for being so M.I.A, but I wanted to give you all a heads up.

Anyways, here’s a list of some things that have happened since then!

  • I got my Halloween costume!
  • Some MAC goodies came for me in the mail.
  • I finished reading “Romeo and Juliet”.

I hope everyone’s day is lovely. Here’s a pic of Pusheen stirring a caldron!


Love y’all, and talk to you soon. Promise!


4 thoughts on “Short Update (PLEASE READ!)

  1. Honey, I am SO sorry.
    Take all the time that you need and don’t apologize for being gone.
    I remember how tough it was on me when I lost my best friend to suicide 3 almost 4 years ago.

    When you do come back, I’d love to see a MAC haul and see what kind of painting you’re doing!
    Love you, girly! Hope everything gets easier!♥


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