Is This Heartbreak??

I know…my blog is not my diary. But this is too much pain to contain inside. 

I kissed this boy who I really like. We weren’t dating, we just kissed. You know. 

Now my friend (who has a boyfriend), is flirting with him and probably making out with him right about now. I’m an idiot. An idiot. 

Is this heartbreak? Is this what it feels like? 

If I could put what I feel into words, I would pick hurt. Very, very hurt. 

I can’t believe I thought he cared about me. Can anyone relate? 

16 thoughts on “Is This Heartbreak??

  1. I can relate.
    Firstly, if this guy is willing to go and flirt with your friend after kissing you – HE ISN’T WORTH IT. Guys like this are not worth any girls time.
    This has happened to me. A few times, and it really does suck.
    And if your friend knew about this, has a boyfriend, is doing this to you and her boyfriend, and is still doing what she’s doing – she may not be worth it either.
    That’s not a good friend.(not saying to just ditch her – maybe talk about it)
    You are not an idiot. I think this is something that most all girls go through or do at some period in their life. It does feel like heartbreak. It’s like your heart has fallen into your stomach.
    I know it may be hard to get over, but you can do it!
    You’re a great girl! You can do better!
    Don’t feel like you’re dumb, stupid, an idiot, because you aren’t.
    I don’t know if this will help, but this is really something that happens to a lot of us girls and women.
    Cheer up, gorgeous!

    • Ashley…you are too sweet for words.
      I can’t even describe how thankful I am for your ever-lasting support. Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you for your advice. ❤
      I feel tons better!

      • You’re SO very welcome!<3
        Just keep your chin up! 🙂
        I'm glad you're feeling better!

  2. aww i’m so sorry to hear that you are heart broken! i know it hurts but if he kisses your friend right after he had kissed you then don’t even waste any feelings on him at all! you are strong and gorg you can def get over this. You are not an idiot so dont even worry about it this happens to all of us!! you are not alone, don’t be sad tomorrow is a new day xx

  3. i love it! great post hehe 🙂 glad i stumbled upon you! 🙂

    i’m writing a little about a relationship / story kind of thing on my wordpress if you’re interested in having a read?

    if you’re not it’s okay i understand! thankyou anyway xx

  4. I totally agree with Ashley S.. I know its hard but don’t waste your time with boys who fool around with another girl after kissing you. Your not the idiot here.. perhaps your friend who has a bf and is kissing the boy you like is the biggest idiot. Take care and I’m sure the right guy will come 🙂

  5. I promise you are not an idiot and you’re not alone who this has happened to! Boys are that age (or really any age) don’t usually like to think with their mind, if you get what I mean. But someday you’ll find one who won’t do that and will only have eyes for you, and not anyone else. I’d say ditch this guy and tell your friend that it was really uncool for her to do that when she knew that you had already kissed him. If she doesn’t seem like she cares and instead tells you that you’re jealous or whatnot, I’d say ditch them both. You don’t need that kind of drama in your life. Have a fun girls night, watch some chick flicks, eat ice cream and just have fun! You’re young, go out and celebrate that you have many, many more years ahead of you to meet the guy of your dreams! :]

  6. Girly!!!!!!
    It happens daily to the best of us while the rest of us does it to us, its called backstabbing regardless of its form. Nurse your heart as it’s most precious don’t give people ammunition to make it bitter or shatter piece by piece from their little stabs…..heartbreak will go away unlike the memory of the pain inflicted by a friend. Chose your friends wisely pretty girl with the tender heart.
    Simply Jyune


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