One Nude Lipstick You Should Avoid

Ugh, guys, I hate talking bad about a product.

LOLz. Kidding. I actually don’t mind telling you my honest opinion, especially if it was about a product that didn’t work for me.


L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in “Fairest Nude.”

I’ve heard beauty bloggers, gurus, and Youtubers RAVE about this product. I’ve heard my friends say “go and try it!”, and I actually believed all the hype over this lipstick that was supposed to be the perfect nude.

This settled into all the little creases on my lips, and looked, generally, nearly white. It looked chalky, caky, and dry, even though the formula was CREAMY. It made my lips flake as well, which is hella not attractive, and smelled like old-lady lipstick (chemicals, musty fragrance, you get the picture.)
It’s over-hyped, because of the TERRIBLE color that looked so lovely in the tube. In the lipstick bullet, it looks like a rosy, beautiful brown. On the lips, it looks tacky white, like I chugged a bottle of glue or ate frosting. Nasty.

Honestly, for those who tried it, did it work for any of you guys? I think my neutral skin tone just made a total pasty contrast.

Anyway, I hope you guys had a great day! :}



5 thoughts on “One Nude Lipstick You Should Avoid

  1. Can’t stand this lipstick! If you’re looking for a good nude that isn’t too pink or doesn’t make you look dead, try the Revlon lipstick in Just Enough Buff! Also, NYX plumping gloss in Kim is nice and their gloss in Sugar Pie!


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